A picture is worth 1,000 words!

kitchenGOODBADTake a look at the two pictures of my kitchen, above. Both were taken from roughly the same angle, under the same lighting conditions, with two different cameras.

I took the top photo with a professional-grade DSLR camera, carefully selecting the lens, settings, attachments and accessories.

I took the bottom photo with my iPhone 6S. Not a bad camera for a smartphone, but even the untrained eye can easily tell that it pales in comparison to the pro equipment.

The unfortunate fact is, many agents are relying on consumer-grade, point-and-shoot cameras with little knowledge of photo composition, lighting, equipment and technique.

It’s easy to see that “you get what you pay for!” The top photo is more attractive and eye-catching. Research has shown that properties with professional-grade photos see more showings and sell quicker at higher prices than their competitors. 

Just another consideration when choosing your listing agent. Make sure your listing rises above the sea of monotony in a cluttered market!