Eco-living Dreams Come True in the Annapolis Valley

In 2012 I helped a wonderful couple immigrate to Nova Scotia from Saskatchewan. They had dreams of building a home on a peaceful acreage and living in a more self-sustained and environmentally-conscious manner. I caught up with them the other day, and I was happy to learn they are well on their way to achieving this dream. They told me a heartwarming story. With their permission, I am posting it here for the world to see.

Hearing stories like this makes me love what I do! 🙂


I can say with complete honesty that there isn’t a day which passes in which I am not truly thankful for being here. Every day I see something beautiful, every day I learn something new and every day is something to which I look forward. We now have a few laying hens, some ducks and a couple guinea fowl. This summer I hope to build a simple, rustic barn. Hopefully this will eventually house a horse and a cow and provide shelter for my beloved tractor! We have reserved two pigs for May and will be doing our own meat this year (we’ve been getting pork and beef from friends, who have taught me so much about subsistence farming).

It’s been a wonderful change of pace for us and although the property has some challenges I can’t imagine us being anywhere else. Our son and I often talk about the property while we gaze dreamily at our hill while waiting for the school bus. We owe you much, thanks again!