Off the Grid and Eco-Friendly Living in the Annapolis Valley of Canada

More and more I am fielding requests from those who see the Annapolis Valley as an ideal location for off the grid and/or eco-friendly living. And they’re looking here for good reason. We have unbelieveably low land prices & housing costs, especially when considering some of the advantages of living here: top quality soil, perfect growing conditions, access to many pristine waterways, excellent forests, and countless folks who are already engaged in creating an active community based around trade, skill-sharing and green living, to name a few. A lot of our energy is already generated through green means – tidal, hydro and wind generation, and our provincial government strongly encourages eco-friendly housing through numerous rebate and incentive programs. We enjoy a slow pace of living here in the Maritimes, but stay on top of technology and economic trends. The gravitation toward community-based, eco-friendly living has been in full effect for many years, yet this trend seems to have fallen under the radar of many seeking such a lifestyle. So I’m announcing to the world: if the place I’m describing sounds like it might fall in line with your hopes and dreams, you are welcome here! Give me a call if you’d like to consider “starting fresh” in the Annapolis Valley; I’d love to hear your story and suggest a few properties to get you started.