Accolades from the IWK

We received a very nice phone call from a representative of the IWK Health Centre today.

He wanted to thank our Company and all the agents of REMAX Banner Real Estate for our recent contributions, and also for previous ones. Since the program began 10+ years ago, RE/MAX Banner Real Estate has contributed over $100,000 to the IWK, between agent and company contributions.

This is just another way we say “thanks!” to our clients & community for your patronage!

Year-End Market Report, 2012 vs 2011

Let’s compare the market from 2012 to 2011. Here are some interesting yet not surprising year-end stats (Source: Annapolis Valley Real Estate Board).

Average sale price, 2011: $163,161
Average sale price, 2012: $165,607 (1.5% increase)

Sales to listing ratio, 2011: 38%
Sales to listing ratio, 2012: 41% (3% improvement)

Total number of properties listed, 2011: 2,972
Total number of properties listed, 2012: 3,032 (2% increase)

For the most part, these numbers are on trend. Here in the Annapolis Valley we enjoy predictability: slow yet steady growth, year over year. We have largely avoided the pitfall of market “bubbles” and uncontrollable growth, making real estate a fairly stable investment. The list to sale ratios still suggest that we are in a buyer’s market.

If you feel like it might be time to take advantage of historically low interest rates, please give me a call. I’d be happy to discuss a specific property you might have in mind and share my thoughts on its viability from an investment perspective.

Off the Grid and Eco-Friendly Living in the Annapolis Valley of Canada

More and more I am fielding requests from those who see the Annapolis Valley as an ideal location for off the grid and/or eco-friendly living. And they’re looking here for good reason. We have unbelieveably low land prices & housing costs, especially when considering some of the advantages of living here: top quality soil, perfect growing conditions, access to many pristine waterways, excellent forests, and countless folks who are already engaged in creating an active community based around trade, skill-sharing and green living, to name a few. A lot of our energy is already generated through green means – tidal, hydro and wind generation, and our provincial government strongly encourages eco-friendly housing through numerous rebate and incentive programs. We enjoy a slow pace of living here in the Maritimes, but stay on top of technology and economic trends. The gravitation toward community-based, eco-friendly living has been in full effect for many years, yet this trend seems to have fallen under the radar of many seeking such a lifestyle. So I’m announcing to the world: if the place I’m describing sounds like it might fall in line with your hopes and dreams, you are welcome here! Give me a call if you’d like to consider “starting fresh” in the Annapolis Valley; I’d love to hear your story and suggest a few properties to get you started.