A bit about the Annapolis River

The Annapolis River means a lot to me. Having grown up on a property bordering this beautiful river, I spent my entire life canoeing, tubing and fishing it so I know why it is special to so many. It is the true heart of the Annapolis Valley and it’s little wonder why so many are passionately striving to protect it. If you live in the Valley, or are planning a move here, I’d like to offer a few links that will offer you new insight into one of Nova Scotia’s most inspiring waterways:

Annapolis River (Wikipedia)
Clean Annapolis River Project
Rivers of Canada – Annapolis River (CCGE)
VariousĀ Annapolis River News (The Spectator)
Annapolis Valley LiDAR-DEM (AGRG/COGS)
Annapolis River Watershed Boundary MapĀ (Joe Fraser, COGS, 2009)
Various Annapolis River Images (Google Image Search)